Coyote Attacks Two People Boston area

This past Monday a coyote attacked two homeowners in a suburban Boston town one person was treated for injuries, please refer to the Reuters news story coyotes being coyotes despite the fact that some people claim they are not a treat to humans.


In this series we continue to discuss misleading information about coyotes and their behavior   MYTH: Coyotes Were Here First/We Moved In on their territory   Coyotes were not readily visible until the late seventies in Illinois, I grew up in Northern Illinois and trapped red fox which were abundant in our state. I had… [Read More]


Many individuals ask us each year if we can solve a coyote problem for them. The answer is yes we can but here are some of the issues involved in the the removal of habituated coyotes. Normally we work directly for your local governmental agency because it gives us more access to local green spaces and… [Read More]

Do Coyotes Impact Your Deer Herd

In short the answer is yes, how much of an impact they have can vary. Several recent University studies in the Southeastern United States indicate that coyotes can kill between 37% to 80% of the deer fawns in an area. If you are an Outfitter a Quality Deer Management area manager or you are interested… [Read More]

Urban Coyote Myths

  Many of you have asked us questions concerning urban coyotes. There will be many questions from groups or individuals opposed to trapping or removing habituated animals. Let’s talk about a few common myths regarding urban coyotes.   Myth # 1 Coyotes are protected or on the endangered species list and cannot be touched.  … [Read More]


  Here is a very interesting read for you, I am sorry that I do not have a link but you can Google, Taal Levi University of California-Santa Cruz. Taal was working on his doctoral degree, his hypothesis was that as coyotes replaced or killed off the red fox in many areas around the country,… [Read More]

What is a coyote?

A coyote resembles a small German Shepard dog, but carries its tail below the level of its back rather than curved upward. Its upper body is typically light gray   but can vary from almost pure black to almost pure white. It has course outer hairs that are usually black tipped. His stomach hairs vary… [Read More]

Hiring a professional trapper to solve your coyote problem!

Why is hiring the proper trapper important to you. When deciding which trapper to hire in your area it is very important that he can provide references to ensure that he has the knowledge and expertise to capture the problem animal/animals. This is especially true when dealing with coyotes. Coyotes are the most intelligent and… [Read More]

Do I have a coyote problem?

That is the question being asked more and more often lately by city officials and home owners in many urban areas across the country. Coyote populations have rapidly increased in the last decade due to several factors including their adaptability to any kind of environment and food source. Coyotes are here to stay, many do… [Read More]

Kent man attacked by coyotes in his own backyard

The man had three coyotes attacked him Friday night while he was walking his dog in the backyard. They kept trying to bite him in the face, but he kept  blocking them and pushing them away, and that’s when the one bit him in the leg,” he says.Scarberry spent most of the night in the emergency room –… [Read More]

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