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7 Steps Of Coyote Aggression

August 24, 2020

We often get asked  by land owners and municipalities, when should a coyote be removed. The 7 Steps of Aggression, developed by researchers in California provides a definitive answer to that question. The 7 Steps are,

#1…An increase in observing coyotes on streets and in yards at night

#2…An increase in coyotes approaching adults/ or taking pats at night

#3…Early morning or late afternoon daylight observance of coyotes on streets and in parks and yards

#4…Daylight observance of coyotes chasing or taking pets

#5…Coyotes attacking or taking pets on leash or in close proximity to their owners: coyotes chasing Joggers, Bicyclist, and other adults

#6…Coyotes seen in and around children play areas, school grounds, and parks mid-day

#7…Coyotes acting aggressively towards adults mid-day

This progression of behaviors has been adopted for use in evaluating and deciding thresholds for management actions in jurisdictions across the country. Typically most management entities consider taking some sort of action to remove the offending coyote(s) or otherwise reduce the risk to human safety once stages 4 or 5 are reached. It is our recommendation, based on our experience, that action be taken at stage 2 before the situation escalates.

Reporting a coyote sighting

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