It’s That Time of Year

Coyotes are mating or have mated, why is this important? If you are a pet owner it is important to you and the safety of your pets. Once coyotes have mated they become very territorial and will not tolerate other canines in there territory which leads to increased attacks on dogs during the next few… [Read More]

Coyote population ‘saturates’ Massachusetts Another interesting read.

Coyote Attacks 3-Year-Old Girl Maybe it’s time to stop co-existing and remove coyotes when they need to be removed.  

PETA’S 2016 Kill, Center for Consumer Freedom March 2017

This is a reprint of an article published in Trappers Post July/August 2017 Another year, and another pile of dead cats and dogs for the crematorium courtesy of  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA). Almost literally at the last minute, PETA filed its 2016 animal custody information with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and… [Read More]

Coyote pups found drown, one still alive but badly injured

That was the story in a Chicago area newspaper recently and there was the usual articles about some person being a barbarian and they need to be punished. I have a different take on this story however and what may have led to this event. For several years we have heard that we need to… [Read More]

Predicatable Features Attract Urban Coyotes To Residential Yards

This is the name of a study that was conducted by Maureen H Murray and Colleen Cassady St. Clair of the University of Alberta Canada. While it findings are what might be expected, do not feed coyotes, secure your garbage. There are a couple of interesting findings as well. #1…Healthy coyotes are greater than 4… [Read More]

Our Coyote sightings page

Our Coyote Sightings Page is designed to aid in solving human/coyote issues. We monitor the reports on a daily basis and based on the level of coyote activity will notify your local or federal animal control personal to help you solve your problem. In any situation where a coyote acts aggressively towards people or domestic… [Read More]

California Coyote Attacks

Once again the coyotes in California prove that government entities that believe in a “co-exist” policy are putting you and your pets in danger. If you google(California Coyote Attacks Close Park) you will find a story or three recent unprovoked coyote attacks on two adult humans and a younger person. California has always used the co-exist policy… [Read More]

7 Steps Of Coyote Aggression

We often get asked  by land owners and municipalities, when should a coyote be removed. The 7 Steps of Aggression, developed by researchers in California provides a definitive answer to that question. The 7 Steps are, #1…An increase in observing coyotes on streets and in yards at night #2…An increase in coyotes approaching adults/ or taking… [Read More]

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