Coyote Tracking & Studies
Coyote with Tracking Collar being Released
Coyote being inspected for Disease and Parasites
Coyote with Stage 4 Mange
Coyote caught that was killing cats and dogs
Trouble Coyote in Cage

Welcome to Scientific Wildlife Management

Scientific Wildlife Management Is a corporation dedicated to resolving human/animal conflicts through education or hands on solutions.  Combined we have approximately seventy years’ experience. In an Urban situation we provide either Consultation or removal services to Governmental Agencies, Municipalities, Homeowner Associations and large green space administrators.

In rural situations we provide Consultation or removal services to Livestock Growers, Quality Deer Management areas, Outfitters, Corporate and private property managers and Sporting Clubs or private land owners.  We handle all types of predators but specialize in coyote related issues.

Through our vast network of wildlife professionals we are able to provide state of the art solutions to your issues.


Urban Wildlife Management

We separate fact from fiction as it relates to urban coyotes; the type of coyote that lives in your or your neighbors’ back yard.   Our website contains information from biologist and researchers from across the country as to the nature of these animals.

Rural Wildlife Management

Livestock producers and land managers have always struggled with how best to control damage caused by some of these animals. We will explore issues that affect Livestock Producers, Quality Deer Management Areas, Outfitters and Hunt Clubs.

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