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Scientific Wildlife Management

Coyote/human encounters are increasing in urban environments across the country. It seems that you read more of this type of headline every day.

Hello, I am Rob Erickson. I have been involved in the nuisance animal control industry for thirty-eight years and now specialize almost exclusively in urban coyote issues.

Welcome to our website where we will separate fact from fiction as it relates to urban coyotes; the type of coyote that lives in your or your neighbors’ back yard. Our website contains information from biologist and researchers from across the country as to the nature of these animals.

There is also a “sightings page” that allows you to report a coyote in your neighborhood and the condition of that animal.

It seems that people either love or hate the coyote, but the fact of the matter is that some coyotes that are habituated to the urban environment can pose a real danger to you and your pets. It is these coyotes that need to be dealt with in a safe efficient manner by experienced professionals.

We specialize in resolving coyote issues for Federal, State and Local governmental agencies, Homeowner Associations and large green space managers.

If you choose to contact us to resolve a coyote issue the following steps will be employed:

  • A survey will be conducted to ascertain the problem.
  • A plan to resolve the issue will be devised employing proven techniques (trapping, shooting where appropriate, and live catch). We have had some success with relocation and continue to research that possibility where appropriate.
  • Implementation of the agreed on control techniques to resolve the situation.
  • All animals not relocated will be necropsied to determine if health conditions (Heartworm, Distemper, Rabies, etc.) were the possible cause of the animals’ behavior.
  • In the case of a coyote bite to a human, DNA samples will be collected so that the proper offending animal can be captured.

Our experience has shown that many times only one or two animals need to be removed and the problems get resolved.

Please take the time to browse our site and educate yourself as to the nature of the truly urban coyote. There is some misinformation being disseminated about these animals which can create problems for you and your pets. Most coyotes do not pose a problem, but some need to be dealt with in a safe professional manner.

We are licensed and insured.

We are dedicated to providing the truth about coyotes that live near you and providing positive solutions to any issues that may arise. Should you have questions after studying the information available from this site, contact information is available throughout the site. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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