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Diseases Coyotes Can Carry

August 24, 2020

The following list of diseases is rarely talked about by people that feel we need to co-exist with coyotes,You will see why after you finish reading the list.

Heartworm: Most pet owners are aware of the dangers of heartworm infections as it pertains to

their pets’ health. The Cook County Coyote Study found that 41% of the coyotes they tested were infected with heartworm. Almost a ten times higher rate of infection than coyotes in rural Illinois.

           Scarcoptic Mange: It is usually associated with coyotes and foxes and is a debilitating disease that is transmitted by a mite. It infest animals by burrowing under their skin resulting in hair loss and increases the animals’ susceptibility to other infections. The animal usually dies of exposure. Coyotes serve as a host to this pathogen which can spread to your pet. Some animals have survived mange but research shows generally less than 10% of infected animals survive.

           Rabies: Another disease to keep in mind if you or your pet get bit by a coyote that is acting aggressively.

             Canine Distemper:

             Canine Parvovirus: Both can be passed to your pet.

             Hydatid Disease: Echinococcus Granulosus is a tape worm that can be passed domestic animals and humans. The CDC list this as a life threatening disease in humans. It is insidious in that you may not know that you are infected for 10 to 20 years. Please search the CDC website for additional information.

Tularemia: This can also infect humans

Hookworms and Roundworms:

             Infectious Canine Hepatitis:

             Equine Encephalitis:

As you can see by this list, there are a host of diseases coyotes can carry and potentially transmit to you or your pets. We are not being alarmist, this is what type of diseases a coyote can play host too.

Please take the time to research each of these diseases.

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