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Three year old girl attacked by coyote in California

August 24, 2020

California has had a co-exist with the coyotes policy for a very long time. It also has the distinction of having the highest number of coyote attacks on humans in the country. The latest victim of the policy is a three year old girl who is still hospitalized with head wounds. It still baffles me why some people think a predators well being is more important than a  child’s. My partner was recently contacted for an interview by 790KABC McIntyre in the morning from Los Angeles. Google McIntyre in The Morning Podcast for 11/21/2018 9am for the entire interview. It sounds as if at least some California residents are getting fed up with a policy that does not and will not work, the co-exist policy will only result in the deaths of more pets and an increasing number of attacks on humans. The co-exist policy adds to the habitation of coyotes and once a coyote becomes habituated the problems increase.

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