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Hazing Coyotes-Does it work?

August 24, 2020

Hazing a coyote is nothing more than trying to scare it away from your area by making noise such as banging pots and pans together. Now this seems like and ok idea on the surface but if I am walking my dog it is a bit cumbersome to carry pots and pans with me. Another problem is that hazing is recommended for coyotes in urban areas in which these animals are already habituated to city life (loud trucks, sirens, weather alert sirens and many other city noises) which does not frighten them anymore. If a coyote approaches a human in this situation it has already lost its fear of you.

Many municipalities across the country have tried hazing here are the results of a few, you can find others on the internet. Laguna Woods California changes its gun laws so that animal control professionals can shoot coyotes. California has been at the forefront of protecting coyotes, interesting to note that it also has the highest number of attacks on children from coyotes over any other state. It appears hazing does not work.

Seal Beach California…Seal Beach to begin trapping and euthanizing coyotes it does not appear that hazing worked there either.

Boulder Colorado…They have started a program of intensified hazing such as shooting the coyotes with rubber buckshot from a shotgun which most civilians are not allowed to carry when walking their dog. While trying to haze the coyotes in the normal manner the coyotes simply sat down and watched the city workers trying to scare it away-Hazing does not work!

There is an overabundance of coyotes living in our urban environments across the country. The coyote is not an endangered animal and if the coyote has lost its natural fear of humans then it is a danger to humans. If a pit bull dog killed someone’s pet that dog would be euthanized the next day. Yet there are special interest groups that are trying to make the public believe that it is ok to have a bunch of wild dogs (coyotes) live in our midst and kill our pets and injure children and we are not supposed to harm the coyote in any way. Something is terribly wrong with that train of thought!

When a coyote becomes habituated it is time to remove that animal.

Hazing does not work for habituated coyotes.

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