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Illinois Coyote Bites

April 25, 2021

Yes, coyotes do bite people in Illinois.

The following data is from the Illinois Department of Health Between 2013 and early January 2020, there have been 38 reported coyote bites. The type of biting animal is reported by the bitten person.

Month of report: Jan(6),Feb(2),Mar(3),Apr(2),May(4),June(3), Jul(7), Aug(3) Sept(1),Oct(3),Nov(2),Dec(2).

County of bite: Cook(15),Will(7),Pike(2),Kankakee(2),DuPage(2), and one each Logan,Livingston,DeKalb,Mercer,Lake,St.Clair,Edwards,Jackson,and Boone County

Bite Location:

Hand/Arm(16),Foot/Leg(13),Head(3),,Torso(2), Multiple Locations(3),Unknown(1)

Circumstance of the bite:

Helping/Approaching a coyote(5),Bitten at local park/golf course(4),coyote interacting with pets/livestock(4),Coyote came out of bushes and attacked(3),running on trail(2),Coyote in yard/porch(3),feeding coyote or feeding taking place in the area(4),walking and coyote attacked(3),bitten at work(1),loading truck when bitten(2),circumstance not described(7).

Coyotes are wild animals and should be treated accordingly.

Reporting a coyote sighting

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