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Successful Urban Coyote Management

February 1, 2021

Sometimes we, as people, try to reinvent the wheel to solve a problem. A good example of this is all of the different theories offered to solve urban coyote issues. My partner and I have dealt with coyotes for a long long time and quite frankly some of the solutions offered will simply never work. It is a shame that people will lose pets to coyotes as the verbal battles rage on as to how best to resolve the issue. When in fact, there is a scientifically proven management program that if implemented properly will reduce or prevent coyote attacks on humans and pets. The following link is to a paper written by Rex O Baker, Professor Emeritus, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California.
The paper is titled, A Review Of Successful Urban Coyote Management Programs Implemented To Prevent or Reduce Attacks on Humans and Pets in Southern California.
We feel Professor Baker is spot on in his theories on what it takes to manage Urban Coyotes properly, eliminate the hidden agendas by special interest groups and manage these animals properly so that homeowners can feels safe in their own back yards.
This management plan is exactly what we promote at Scientificwildlifemanagement.com
Here’s the link, if it does not work cut and paste it into your browser:

If your community is having coyote issues, you really need to take time to study what is being recommended in this paper. Please read and reread the information. This management strategy works and as you can see from the case studies, will resolve the problems for quite a long period of time in some cases. We have followed these management practices for quite some time and have excellent success resolving coyote issues.

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