Diseases Coyotes Can Carry

The following list of diseases is rarely talked about by people that feel we need to co-exist with coyotes,You will see why after you finish reading the list.   Heartworm: Most pet owners are aware of the dangers of heartworm infections as it pertains to their pets’ health. The Cook County Coyote Study found that… [Read More]

Can Hazing Contribute to Coyote Habituation?

My partner and I live and breathe coyotes 24/7 and have done so for many many years. We also feel that after working with these animals hands on for all those years that there is a lot of misinformation circulating about their behavior. At the very least the coyotes have not read the manual on how… [Read More]

What Equipment Do We Use To Catch Coyotes?

That is a frequent question asked by people that want to know how we catch a coyote that is causing problems. The answer is foothold traps such as the two types pictured above. The trap on the left is a Jake trap with swivels and a shock absorber attached to the chain that hold the… [Read More]

Cops Hunt Wiley Coyote That Eluded Capture on Upper West Side

And this from the The New York Daily News this morning, Police were searching for a coyote the evaded capture around Riverside Park on the Upper West side Wednesday morning. Officers from NYPD’s Elite Emergency Services Unit stalked the critter through the park with a tranquilizer dart rifle and catch poles after it was spotted… [Read More]

Coyote Attacks in New Jersey

Please take a minute and follow the link                                                                                                                   http://news.yahoo.com/coyote-attacks-news-new-jersey-163708468.html  

It’s Time To Protect Your Deer Fawns

Recent university studies indicate that this is what is happing to as much as 80 percent of the deer fawns in some areas of the country. The studies also indicate that right now is the most effective time of the year to hunt coyotes and make an impact on the survival rate of the deer… [Read More]


Thought that might get your attention.                                                                  This is coyote denning season and the coyotes are having their pups. This is the time of year that experiences the highest incidents of negative coyote/human encounters. Coyotes become very territorial and will not tolerate other canines (your dog) in their territory. Be extra vigilant when walking your pets… [Read More]


In staying true to our goals of providing truthful information about coyotes, the coexistence approach to coyote management presents a dilemma for you as a suburban home owner. Some special interest groups would have you believe that the coyote was here first and we are encroaching on his territory. This is simply a false statement,… [Read More]


To get the most out of this comparison you will need to have a copy of The Humane Society’s Coyote Management Plan and Dr. Timm & Robert Schmidt’s Bad Dogs: Why Do Coyotes and Other Canids Become Unruly? I will refer to specific items and pages in the HSUS plan to illustrate how our ideas… [Read More]

Coyote Facts Sheet

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