Coyote population ‘saturates’ Massachusetts Another interesting read.

Coyote Attacks 3-Year-Old Girl Maybe it’s time to stop co-existing and remove coyotes when they need to be removed.  

Coyote pups found drown, one still alive but badly injured

That was the story in a Chicago area newspaper recently and there was the usual articles about some person being a barbarian and they need to be punished. I have a different take on this story however and what may have led to this event. For several years we have heard that we need to… [Read More]

California Coyote Attacks

Once again the coyotes in California prove that government entities that believe in a “co-exist” policy are putting you and your pets in danger. If you google(California Coyote Attacks Close Park) you will find a story or three recent unprovoked coyote attacks on two adult humans and a younger person. California has always used the co-exist policy… [Read More]

California Town on High Alert after Coyotes Attack Children

California residents are being warned to be more vigilant about coyotes after four attacks on children in the past month in the Irvine area. The most recent incident — this past Sunday — involved a 2-year-old child. “It was a child, about approximately 2 years old, was in the garage. They opened the garage up… [Read More]

“Rabid Coyote Attacks Two Humans” Some of you that follow my Blog know that I am a State Certified Wildlife Trapper. The articles I write are factual with documented cases, research and evidence to support my position. As I have warned in the past, if you see a coyote and he doesn’t run from you, that is abnormal… [Read More]

Coyote Attacks 3 year old in California Park

I was watching the World News this evening when they reported that a coyote attackeda 3 year old girl in a park in California. The girl was bit in the neck but has been released from the hospital. The news interviewer also talked to another couple and their daughter. They stated that they had a… [Read More]

Cops Hunt Wiley Coyote That Eluded Capture on Upper West Side

And this from the The New York Daily News this morning, Police were searching for a coyote the evaded capture around Riverside Park on the Upper West side Wednesday morning. Officers from NYPD’s Elite Emergency Services Unit stalked the critter through the park with a tranquilizer dart rifle and catch poles after it was spotted… [Read More]

Coyote Attacks in New Jersey

Please take a minute and follow the link                                                                                                           

Coyote Attacks Two People Boston area

This past Monday a coyote attacked two homeowners in a suburban Boston town one person was treated for injuries, please refer to the Reuters news story coyotes being coyotes despite the fact that some people claim they are not a treat to humans.

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