People that say they like coyotes often intentionally feed them, this is very wrong for two reasons.

#1..Recent research indicates that feeding coyotes human food may actually be killing the coyote, their intestine bacteria is not designed for human food and may actually make the coyote very sick or cause death, researchers also found there was increased aggression in coyotes that were fed human food.

#2..Coyotes that are fed tend to protect their food source and should another canine(your neighbors dog for example) enter that coyotes territory there could be an attack on the dog which will result in a animal control specialist being called in to remove the coyote which will also result in the coyotes death, coyotes can not be relocated.

If you truly like wildlife, DO NOT FEED, especially coyotes. Nothing good comes from coyotes that are fed and habituated to humans.

My partner and I work with problem coyotes year round and by far the coyotes that cause the most problems are coyotes that are habituated to humans and are being fed.