Coyote in Cape Coral

Cape Coral residents in a quiet neighborhood off SW 4th Place believe there's a dangerous predator in their midst.

"About a month ago my neighbor found one of her cats missing," said resident Suzanne Barr.

A creature appears to have stalked and preyed on their furry companions.

"Unfortunately we found the cat in the field and he had been killed," said Barr.

And the carnage didn't stop there.

"Seven to 10 days later on the side of my yard, we found her second cat that had been killed," Barr said.

There have also been reports of a third cat.

Neighbors initially believed an eagle might have been responsible for the mauling before getting a look at evidence that indicates otherwise.

Barr's neighbor, Ron captured what many now believe is the culprit behind the killings. A coyote.

Ron's camera captured the coyote last month on his driveway - next to the morning paper.

"It's nuts, it's crazy," said neighbor Brian Jones.

Jones said he feels bad for his neighbors and if the coyote comes back, he's prepared to avenge their deaths.

"We have four dogs and one of them will, Callie, she's an animal and she'll protect," he said.

Those who can't go that far still say they'll protect their pets however they can.

"I have a little dog door that goes out to a little fenced area in my backyard and I have blocked that off, I won't let my cat or my dog go out there," said Barr.

FWC officials say you can try and trap the coyote, or hire a professional to do it. As for your pets, they suggest keeping them indoors unless supervised.Subcribe on my channel