Just a note to say thanks to Dave and Rob for removing the two coyotes from our subdivision. We really did not know what to do after the coyotes attacked our neighbors dog. When we first talked your information was helpful in explaining the coyotes behavior.
I am still amazed that you were able to get them both in a couple of days, especially after I chased one of them with my car when I spotted her watching the kids at the bus stop. We have had no other incidents in the area, I would recommend you guys to anybody.
Thanks again.
RH South Suburbs

I’m Impressed

After our community was being terrorized by a group of coyotes I decided to do some research on both hazing and removal. I am an animal lover and was very concerned about killing the coyotes. Many articles on the internet seem to preach hazing, so I tried to teach all the dog walkers in our subdivision how to try and scare the coyotes using the methods recommended. We followed the techniques to the tee. Including throwing golf balls, other objects, air horns and pepper spray. It did seem to work the first time we were confronted by the coyotes. After a couple of confrontations it did absolutely nothing. The coyotes kept coming until my dog was taken off the leash, by two coyotes while I was walking her. I was terrified and in total shock. They used my dog as a ragdoll and tore her apart. After that I called Rob from SWM. Since that time our neighborhood has been basically coyote free. We do see an occasional coyote but have not had an incident in 6 years. I can’t tell you what a comfort it has been being able to walk our dogs without be in fear for their lives. Don’t believe all that non-sense that says trapping doesn’t work, because it truly does. I can’t thank Rob enough for the job he did here. Everyone in our community has his number on their refrigerator, and when they see one he gets a call. The amount of time he spends doing his job is amazing. He is here all hours of the day and night. I don’t know when he ever sleeps. If you’re tired of being held hostage by aggressive coyotes I would give SWM a call you will not be disappointed. J.G. Western Suburbs

Thanks Rob

Sept. 15, 2014
We had a good sized adult coyote take up residence in our neighbor’s backyard.
Between the small children and pets in the neighborhood, we knew we had to do
something about the coyote. We had chased off the coyote more than half a dozen
times by shouting and making noise, however he always came back within a day or two
and became more and more comfortable, and not as easily chased off. Luckily we found
Scientific Wildlife Management through the state’s website as licensed operators for
such a problem. It was frustrating that the County could not do anything to help us,
but this company came out the same day and addressed the problem. Thank goodness.
I highly recommend them if you find yourself in the same situation. While I enjoy wildlife
and nature, you just cannot have a 30 to 40lb. wild predator living in your back yard!


Mike Schultz

Good Job