Specialty Paste Baits

Nuisance wildlife trappers waste thousand’s of dollars in time spent catching and releasing non-target animals. Most of these trappers are using cat food for bait. These specialty paste baits will save you ton’s of money. They are economical, and very species selective. They also hold up under any weather condition, and are non-toxic. Learn what all the professional’s already have.THESE BAITS DO NOT CATCH CAT’S!

ON TARGET WILL CUSTOM BLEND ALMOST ANY POSSIBLE SCENT YOU CAN THINK OF!! Also available in paste form are: licorice, anise, blueberry, pecan honeysuckle, cherry, raspberry, wild berry, peppermint, spearmint, grape, cranberry, and bergamot. THESE BAITS ARE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR USE IN SUMMER HEAT.

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