Coyote pups found drown, one still alive but badly injured

That was the story in a Chicago area newspaper recently and there was the usual articles about some person being a barbarian and they need to be punished.

I have a different take on this story however and what may have led to this event.

For several years we have heard that we need to co-exist with coyotes ,  we moved into their territory,  there is nothing to fear from coyotes(none of this is true by the way)

Municipalities have taken a position that they are doing nothing with coyote issues even when they know they have a problem such as peoples pets being injured or killed.

As Americans’ we pride ourselves as being able to do things for ourselves whether or not we are trained to perform the task. I think what happened in this situation is that a homeowner received no help from his local authorities about a coyote issue and he solved the problem himself the best he could. Very similar to a gentleman in one of the suburbs that had the same problem of no help from local government(wonder what we pay taxes for) and he placed a bait pile in his back yard to lure the problem coyote and at night shot his neighbors dog by mistake, again no training. This will continue to happen unless the authorities step up and assist their residents and have the offending coyote removed.

Based on scientific evidence and history here is what will happen as the coyote population continues to grow in our midst. Science has proven that forty four percent of the coyotes in Cook County are infected by heartworms, science has also proven that sick coyotes are greater than four times more likely to inhabit urban areas than healthy coyotes. Wonder where the dog flu out breaks have come from in the last few years, anybody checking the coyotes?

Lastly California has a long history of leaving coyotes roam urban areas, California leads the country in coyote attacks on people especially children. This is scientifically proven and not a scare tactic, it will happen, just a matter of time.

The story is sad but was very preventable if city government would have handled the situation as they should. There will be more of this unless people start to realize that the information spread by special interest groups is not the truth and start to listen to professionals that really know the facts about coyotes.