Predicatable Features Attract Urban Coyotes To Residential Yards

This is the name of a study that was conducted by Maureen H Murray and Colleen Cassady St. Clair of the University of Alberta Canada. While it findings are what might be expected, do not feed coyotes, secure your garbage. There are a couple of interesting findings as well. #1…Healthy coyotes are greater than 4… [Read More]

7 Steps Of Coyote Aggression

We often get asked  by land owners and municipalities, when should a coyote be removed. The 7 Steps of Aggression, developed by researchers in California provides a definitive answer to that question. The 7 Steps are, #1…An increase in observing coyotes on streets and in yards at night #2…An increase in coyotes approaching adults/ or taking… [Read More]

Update Coyote Diseases

This is an update to our blog titled New Coyote Danger, Animal Disease Could be Threat To Humans. Here is a list of some of the diseases that the Los Angeles County Health Department has found in coyotes in their area. Babesiosis, a parasite of the red blood cells that affects a variety of animals… [Read More]

Quality Deer Management

If you manage your property or that of another persons, this is the time of year you need to remove local predator populations so that your fawn crop can survive. All recent scientific studies indicate that coyotes kill at least eighty percent of the whitetail deer fawns annually. A little math and you will soon… [Read More]

Balance of Nature

Here’s a very interesting quote by a very respected scientist, It is assumed that an undisturbed animal community lives in a certain harmony… the balance of nature. The picture has the advantage of being an intelligible and apparently logical result of natural selection in producing the best possible world for each species. It has the… [Read More]

Coyotes and Lyme Disease

In the past, I mentioned some university research into the role that coyotes may play in the increased incidents of Lyme disease around the country. Please follow the like below to read more  

Successful Urban Coyote Management

Sometimes we, as people, try to reinvent the wheel to solve a problem. A good example of this is all of the different theories offered to solve urban coyote issues. My partner and I have dealt with coyotes for a long long time and quite frankly some of the solutions offered will simply never work…. [Read More]

Echinococcus multilocularis in Urban Coyotes, Alberta, Canada

Search Form Controls EID ONLY Cancel Submit Search The CDC   Search Form Controls EID ONLY Cancel Submit Search The CDC Emerging Infectious Disease journal ISSN: 1080-6059 <div class=”alert alert-block”> Note: Javascript is disabled or is not supported by your browser. For this reason, some items on this page will be unavailable. For more information… [Read More]

“Rabid Coyote Attacks Two Humans” Some of you that follow my Blog know that I am a State Certified Wildlife Trapper. The articles I write are factual with documented cases, research and evidence to support my position. As I have warned in the past, if you see a coyote and he doesn’t run from you, that is abnormal… [Read More]

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