California Coyote Attacks

Once again the coyotes in California prove that government entities that believe in a “co-exist” policy are putting you and your pets in danger. If you google(California Coyote Attacks Close Park) you will find a story or three recent unprovoked coyote attacks on two adult humans and a younger person. California has always used the co-exist policy to deal with coyotes, so it is no surprise to us that California has the highest incidents of attacks by coyotes  on humans than any state in the United States. A reasonable person would think in time that the current policy does not work and maybe more aggressive coyote control measures should be implemented so that people are not injured or killed. The one attack on the homeless person further proves that hazing(making noise to scare the coyote away) is also not effective. So the question is, when will governmental agencies put people first and remove problem coyotes before these incidents happen?